Terms and Conditions

Company name:

Gentium Systems Inc.
Headquarter: 1312 17th Street APT 587, Denver, CO 80202, United States
ID Number: 20181406071
EIN: 83-0637846


Registration is carried out by the use of the dedicated Registration button. The data provided by the registering user are SSL protected. The user shall keep their registration data, password, User Name and email address confidential. The Company shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from user’s failure to keep their sensitive data confidential.

Use of the Website

By registering to and using the Website the User accepts and assumes responsibility to abide by, the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website; by using the Website the user acknowledges to have read and understood the present Terms and Conditions.


Purchases are processed and credited automatically. The User shall inform the Company support function of any issue encountered during the purchase process. In case of purchase transfers initiated but failing to complete (the amount is transferred but not received on the recipient’s account) the user shall contact the gateway provider. The purchase currency is USD; purchases are calculated based on the cover rate. Gentium Dollar is only allocated upon the completion of the transfer – after the amount has been received on the account –, on the calculated rate.


The diagrams featured on the website serve the purpose of providing information regarding the following:
- Cover price fluctuation; current cover price
- Amount owned
- Amount owned, as proportion of total amount
- Value of amount owned
- Projected dividend/Redistribution
- Own amount fluctuation
- Value of total amount
- Current realized revenues
- Realized own/allocated dividends

The diagrams are updated in real time, on a regular basis, multiple times per hour. The website and update frequency may temporarily slow down during the more intense periods – end-of-month closures and allocations –, caused by the workload of the process of totalizing, organizing and converting the data into charts.


Each registered user receives dividends the amount of which is proportional to the ratio of the amount of Gentium Dollar they own and the total amount of Gentium Dollar. The ratio of the post-purchase amount owned by the user and the new total amount of Gentium Dollar, is calculated, and used as the basis for determining the portion of the amount of Gentium Dollar released upon coverage to be credited towards the user, allocated at the end of the month.

It is important to note that registered users are not entitled to a 100% dividend in lack of a contract with the company. The company retains 40% of the dividends to cover its operational and administrative costs.

(Currently the dividend function is not viable for the average user and purchaser, and is planned to be available for the average users from 1 May 2018.)


The company has the right to make deductions from the dividend base in order to pay distribution fees. Only contracted partners are entitled to receive distribution fees the amount of which is set in the contract. This fee is added manually to the dividend of the partner, and is recorded as a minus item in the dividend base.

It is important to know that in the future, because of the smaller dividend the average users will have to “pay” to be able to distribute. It means that while they receive a 40% deduction of each positive distribution event, they will also receive a 40% deduction of each negative distribution event, which practically means they pay 40% less for each distribution fee.

Please note: practically, this does not count as a deduction but as a distributor’s contribution. The result of a distribution event is always positive, but due to the scarce nature of the events these are recorded manually.

Operation regarding average users

Average users are entitled to receive dividends. They shall not receive distribution bonuses, unless mandated by a contract between user and the company other than the present Terms and Conditions. 40% of each dividend – the amount of proportional redistribution upon each purchase – will be deducted and retained by the company. This 40% deduction also applies to the negative distribution events recorded in the chart.


Payments take place electronically via the ADVCASH system. Prior to the commencement of the payment the system totalizes the dividends then breaks down the total amount to individual user items to make it exportable. The company then imports the data into its own transaction system. The transactions take place within days, between the 25th and 30th days of each month.

The email address of the ADVCASH account is required to be indicated, but is not compulsory – also, the function can be deactivated upon the indication of the address. It practically means that if the user does not claim such redistribution their dividends will be fully reused towards Gentium Dollar calculated on the basis of the current cover rate.

The company shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by the user’s testing of the function in the closure period. Although the occurrence of technical errors is unlikely, users are advised to avoid frequently activating and deactivating the function, and to make their decision no later than 3 days before the closure period begins, whether they want their dividend to be redistributed or reused toward Gentium Dollar.

Change Payment Method


You can change the method of your payment every month until the 19th day, 23:59:59 in our system. As for now, you have two options, USD or Gentium. If you choose USD, we will transfer your payment in USD to your ADVCASH wallet e-mail address you have provided to us. If you choose Gentium, you will buy Gentium Dollar of your payment automatically during the monthly closure at release price. The dividend sum is made up of your dividend due to the Graph Model and the commission you have earned through the affiliate.

Reporting technical issues

The user should report any technical issues they encounter, at info@gentiumdollar.com.

Users who keep technical issues they encounter confidential, and report such issues to the company, shall receive money or company shares as a reward.

Users who cause harm or damage to other users or the company by exploiting any technical issues for financial gain, may be disqualified from the concept, and shall be obligated to compensate the company for the full amount of any such damage caused by their actions.

Company liability

The company shall be held liable for any harm, damage or business issue arising from events resulting from company decisions.

If it fails to reach its stated goals, or is severely hindered in its market activities the company shall indemnify the party/parties negatively effected by the loss or damage. Such indemnifications towards investors and users, shall be made in real currency; such indemnification events shall be deemed complete upon the concluded payment of the compensation.

In the case of calculation errors and unexpected events the mathematical formula the company employs does not account for and is not contained within the concept description, the company shall issue a statement, and shall freely amend the contract with the necessary mathematical formula. In such cases the company shall allocate compensation from its own cover base or dividend to compensate any parties adversely affected by such calculation errors or unexpected events.

The company shall not be held liable for the following:

  • Material loss and damages which the user suffering the loss/damage is largely responsible for – examples include but are not limited to, the user’s failure to keep their password, private user key or account details confidential; erroneous transactions.
  • Any system error adversely affecting the user, arising from a fraudulent attempt of the user to exploit the system – examples include but are not limited to, any user attempts of fraudulent transaction which eventually cause harm or damage to the user.
  • Information not centrally provided and official, merely reflecting the position of one or more users, or containing unofficial user claims regarding the company.
  • Delays in the payment of dividends caused by the lack of the user’s email address in their ADVCASH wallet, or their deactivation of the function.


The price of Gentium Dollar is set in USD, the dividends are also paid in USD.

Subsequent amendment of the present General Terms and Conditions

The company retains the right to freely amend the present General Terms and Conditions at any point; the company shall inform the users of any such amendment of the General Terms and Conditions via social media or email. Such amendments of the General Terms and conditions shall not modify the concept and its operation significantly. However, the company shall use its existing funds to run multiple operations.


Acceptance And Risks


User declares that they are informed regarding the operation of the Company, and understand the operating concept thereof. User accepts that dividends are due exclusively upon income, as per the Graph Model Business Structure, the base of which dividends is the entry of Gentium Dollars to the system.

User accepts and understands that the establishment of the normal operation of a company requires time, as does the developments and execution of plans, therefore User accepts the novel operation concept of the Company, including its inherent risks.


The Company hereby declares to assume full responsibility for the proper functioning of the concept as it is offered, as well as for the actual execution of payments. The operation of the Company, as well as the truthfulness of the offer, is the sole responsibility of the Company.


The Company shall not be held liable for the client-side interpretation of the offer, the offer being understood as a sale, the way the offer was presented – including aggressive sale – and the business conduct of the salesperson / offer maker, with the exception of such conduct resulting from a provision contained by an individual contract with the salesperson / offer maker.


The salesperson / offer maker accepts and deems obligatory, to represent the values and concept of the Company as opposed to their own concepts and views; the salesperson / offer maker shall be responsible for any information they provide as part of representing their own concepts and views.


By representing, in their words and when conveying information, the concepts, image, goals and intentions of the Company in their truthfulness as intended by the Company the salesperson / offer maker shall be deemed to apply the proper business conduct, for which the Company assumes responsibility.




The Company hereby makes the expressed statement that one Gentium Dollar represents a value precisely equivalent to the value of the one share of the Company, therefore the Company declares the Gentium Dollars to be identical with the shares of the Company. However, the Company also declares that Gentium Dollars are suitable for serving as the base of claiming dividends and the ownership-based payment of dividends.


The Company hereby declares the Affiliate – Graphiliate – model to not be part of shareholder conduct, but is merely relevant for offering shares as Gentium Dollars.


The Company undertakes to release, no less frequently than every six months, the number of shares necessary to keep the total number of shares released roughly equivalent to the amount of Gentium Dollars. The Company furthermore undertakes to strive to maintain such equilibrium of the amount of Gentium Dollars and number of Company shares, as the Company regards each Gentium Dollar as a Company share.


Digital Product


The Company regards Gentium Dollar not as a digital product but a digitally stored and quoted share.




The inheritance of Gentium Dollar requires the submission, via an electronic channel, of the death certificate and/or last will of the deceased owner and the expressed will and the submission, via an electronic channel, of the identification documents, of the beneficiary.



Our affiliate system is free to be configured within the given boundaries. The user has 50% points free to be divided between 6 levels: the user’s own discount level and 5 further levels the users may potentially build by recommending Gentium to others.

The users may divide the points freely without any limitations.

After a sale/buy, the income is instantly charged for a 15% fee and the rest goes to the dividend fund. The 15% goes to the commission fund, the recommending users may get their commission of this according to their claim.

It is important to note that a sale may not be charged for more than 15%. In case there’s a bigger claim than 15% on the same sale at the same level then the 15% gets divided between the recommending users in the proportion of their claims.

An example: there’s a 30% point claim on a sale at this division: 10, 5, 5, 3, 7. In this case, the first recommending user gets 10/30 of the 15% of the sale, the second user gets 5/30, the third user gets 5/30, the fourth user gets 3/30 and the fifth user gets 7/30.

The settings of the affiliate may be modified at any given time by the user, however you cannot make changes after the 19th day, 23:59:59 of every month until the monthly closure.

The user / business partner may set a maximum of 20% of their points at any given time of their purchase/reinvestment as a base for dividend. Thus every user can set a maximum of 20% of their points at any given time for their level.

The Company provides the user / business partner with the option of using their Gentium Dollars to purchase more points, which option shall be available within the system, with the price clearly marked.


The Company also provides the user /business partner with the option of using their Gentium Dollars to purchase higher levels, which option shall be available within the system, with the price clearly marked.


Deletion of Account


Users may request the deletion of their accounts from the Support at info@gentiumdollar.com. If an account requested to be deleted contains any amount of Gentium Dollars at the time of such a request is made the Company transfers this amount of Gentium Dollars to one of the Company’s own wallets retaining such an amount there. Therefore users requesting the deletion of their accounts are obliged to transfer any amount of Gentium Dollars contained by an account of theirs they request to be deleted, to another account of theirs, prior to requesting such a deletion.


Deletion of an account sets the Affiliate level of the user one higher. Contingent upon the number of such deletions multiple levels may be jumped upwards.


The Company may delete accounts which do not contain any Gentium Dollars.

If the goal behind creating an account is to gain financial advance and/or cause harm by exploiting the system the Company retains the right to re-transfer the amounts of Gentium Dollars on such accounts, re-tracing their transaction history, to their release points, then delete the account.


Affiliate Protection


The Company may create rules and take measures regarding the purposeful Affiliate level-shift. The Company may not be hindered in analyzing the situation and making decisions provided such analysis and decisions do not result in any kind of tort or delict, purposeful or unintended.


The User shall observe the relevant provisions in the registration process, especially regarding the Affiliate scheme. It is forbidden to create accounts meant to be kept empty or for the purpose of maintaining user level – accounts suitable for creating separation that is. Such creation of an account results in the deletion of the account on the short term and banning the User and/or reporting such activity to the authorities creating such an account, on the long term.


Data management and privacy statement

The company shall not make sensitive and personal data of its users, available to third parties, with the exception of such data being requested as part an international police investigation, any suspicion by the company or any national or international law enforcement, of fraudulent user activities, property damage caused by the user, money laundering or the user being linked to criminal organizations and/or illegal activities.

The company keeps the user data it obtains, confidential. The company has the right and shall contact the user via email or any other communication channel to inform them of any changes regarding the company or amendment of the present General Terms and Conditions. The user explicitly acknowledges that they understand and accept this right of the company.

Display of Emails

In case of registrations made by the result of referring, the referrer can see the transfer ID, the display name and the email address of his or her directly referred members only.

The referrer may freely have the email addresses the referrer acquired this way, may send emails and communicate with them since Gentium Systems Inc. assumes that every registration had a serious intention. However, the referrer who uses these email addresses are required to provide an option to the email addresses and their owners of not receiving any more newsletters, in case the aim of these emails are not to make direct contacts but sending newsletters.Gentium Systems Inc. considers solely those new contacts lawful that had been made in order to present Gentium Systems Inc. and to raise awareness of the company. In any other case, the company may not be held liable and disassociates itself from the User who mishandles the emails, or not uses them in order to present Gentium Systems Inc’s operations and will be held liable.

Ownership and Handling of the Shares

Despite its name (Gentium Dollar), the Company, Gentium Systems Inc. considers Gentium Dollar as a digitally storedshare, thatcan be exchanged for a share in a 1:1 ratio, therefore Gentium Dollar counts as an ownership ratio, and according to the Company’s standpoint 0 counts as an ownership part, that moreover provides 0 say in the Company’s operations.Hence every Gentium Dollar that is owned by a person provides an option to that person to make suggestions to those with a bigger ownership part, and therefore to the Company also.Thus the part-owner or co-ownermay recommend the ownership parts or the whole company that the part-owner or co-owner owns.

Payeer and ADVCASH

On www.gentiumdollar.com website besides www.advcash.com, www.payeer.com provides an option of conducting monetary transactions too.

ADVCASH payout is only eligible for the transfer of the monthly dividend and the monthlycommission.


The monthly dividend may not be paid out to the USDGBalance.

Payeer is eligible for buying Gentium Dollars directly, furthermore eligible for transferring money to the Inner Balance and for a payout of the Balance exclusively to a Payeer account.

The USDG Balance is eligible for buying Gentium Dollar and for inner use.

Inner Balance

The company createsan USDGBalance for the members that the members may store USDG on. The Company counts USDGas USD and guarantees to exchange it to USD at a 1:1 ratio in case a payout had been initiated in the system.The fee of the payout is 3.6% of the amount in case the payout happens through the Payeer system.


The amount stored in the Inner Balance may be spent inside the system or transferred. Transferring and spending within the system is free of charge, except the actual amount spent.

Buying Experience Points

Experience Points may only be bought with Gentium Dollar or from the USDG Balance. 1 USD equals 100 Experience Points therefore 1 Experience Point equals 1 USD cent, 1 USD according to the Company’s guarantee equals 1 USDG so 1 Experience Point equals 1 USDG cent. The exchange always happens according to the release-upon-coverage in the case of Gentium Dollar. (Experience Point henceforth referred to as: XP, xp, Xp.)


The Company provides users with the ability to level up, which can earn them higher yields. The company provides 41 levels, the 41st level is the Partner level, that gives dividend on 100% without any deductions.A user starts at level 1 that gives dividend on 60%. Every level means an additional 1% yield. For example: on level 6, a member gets the dividend on 65%.

The operation and appearance of the Levels

Experience Points may be used to level up, according to the following chart:


XPto the next level


1 USD=
















































































































































































































The company provides documents and graphical materials under the Documents menu for referrer usage. These documents may not be used for other purposes without the approval of the Company and the materials are not be used for private purposes. The materials may exclusively be used to recommend or present the official and central offer made by Gentium Systems Inc.Fair use, which cannot be linked to other business activities, does not constitute a private purpose.

Receiving cash in the name of the Company, stealing the identity of the Company

It is forbidden to abuse the name of Gentium Systems Inc. and to convey the offers of the Company in the name of it. It is forbidden tocause harm to the Company in any way and to act on its behalf. The Company handles and views every member as a shareholder without exceptions, however, no user nor any other member may use the name of the Company. The incomes are public, and therefore frauds may not occur in an unverifiable manner.

However, Gentium Dollar may be transferred or sold from your own account. Since Gentium Dollar counts as a share, frauds and thefts occurring in relation to these transfers and sales are crimes. In such cases, the Company reports them to the authorities.


A member, as a shareholder, may sell or recommend the opportunity of Gentium Systems Inc, however, it is of great importance that a member may not receive cash in the name of the Company.A member may only sell the Gentium Dollars and the USDGs stored on the respective member’s account, or stored on another members' account according to an individual agreement, but not the ones that are owned by or to be released by the Company.Making an offer, if it is identical to the offer made by the Company, does not constitute a break of the Terms and Conditions unless the memberdeceptively acts in the name of the Company or refers to contracts that do not exist between the Company and the member.Any of such actions constitute a criminal offense: either fraud, making false statements or deliberate cause of damage.

UnverifiedGentium Dollar Sources

The company stresses the fact that new Gentium Dollars may only be released by Gentium Systems Inc. onthe www.gentiumdollar.com website.Any other source can potentially prove untrustworthy and may cause a monetary loss in case the third party does not buy Gentium Dollar directly from Gentium Systems Inc.The Company in such cases cannot provide any legal and financial protection since the Company does not partake in such purchases.


Gentium Systems Inc.


1312 17th Street APT 587, Denver, CO 80202, United States

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